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Babydoll for my babydoll June 13, 2007

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Babydoll for my babydoll, originally uploaded by RonikinsKnits.

So when uploading projects into Ravelry I got a *little* inspired to take photos of things I knit pre-blog. I say little, because I didn’t hunt down all previous gift-ees and demand photos of the knitted gifts, nor did I pull out My Babydoll’s baby box and gather up the many hats, mitts, socks, booties, or sweaters. It’s a funny thing about being pregnant while learning to knit/crochet, you knit ALOT of baby things! And I did also come across a few items that I took photos of before the blog just for my Momma’s sake. You can check them all out in my Flickr account.

But I did feel like talking about one past knit in particular….the babydoll for My Babydoll. This is definitely one of my most favorite knits. I had originally planned to knit up more of these for my nieces, but it turns out I’m not BIG enough for that yet. It’s weird, I feel kind of protective over this doll. I wanna make sure she’s handled and loved right. And I don’t think is exactly appropriate to give a gift with a list of do’s and don’ts to a 3 yo, you know? Honestly I barely let My Babydoll handle this one, and frankly for good reason. Right after I took this photo she ran away with it and dipped it in a puddle (from the sprinklers) and was mopping the cement with it. Luckily it wasn’t badly damaged and recovered. So even though My Babydoll is usually very loving and gentle with here babies, that is her normal behavior (I would label that abusive, no?) with this doll. Do ya think she might suspect (and disapprove) of my emotional attachment to a toy I knit for her? Ah well, maybe we can mature together. It is however unfortunate that the doll still sits around in its undies. One day my love for it will generate a need to clothe it. One day.

Oh and a little bit of details….
Pattern: Basic Doll and underwear from Toys to Knit
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft (The little bit of nylon gives it some nice give, and very key: machine washable!)
Needles: US 3 Knitpicks Classic Circulars 32″ (I think this was the first project I used the KP needles on. I heart you KP!)
Mods: I knit everything in the round via Magic loop instead of flat. I used Judy’s Magic cast-on for the head, and possible the body…I don’t really remember. This was also the first time I used that method and liked it soo much that I decided to possibly convert to a toe-upper…and I did!


Shadow Shrug beginnings June 6, 2007

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Shadow Shrug beginnings, originally uploaded by RonikinsKnits.

This is all that nap time allowed to get accomplished. At least it’s a beginning. The yarn is Caron Shadows, and the pattern is the free one from the yarn wrapper, The Simple Shrug. Shocking, huh. Hopefully you yarn snobs won’t shun me too bad. But really it’s not a bad yarn and I love the colors, and if this one works out hope to do another in the Opal Twist color way (the Dark Moss is pretty too, but three might be too much) So anyway, I bought this yarn early last fall and actually did cast on right away. But realized a few inches in that “No I did not want to knit this flat” as the pattern instructed. It’s knit sideways from cuff to cuff, and the sleeves are supposed to be sewn up. After I frogged it, I got distracted with another project and the yarn when back into the stash. I’ve really wanted to re-cast on for awhile and now I have. I’m knitting it in the round and it feels much better. I know it’s kinda of trend of mine to knit things in ways which do not require seams, but this is not to avoid seaming….cause I love me some seaming . It’s to avoid the actual seams, I think it’s one of the benefits of hand-knitting…no seams. That and I prefer knitting to purling.

Next time I’ll be digging up some knits from my past……


Oh…yeah I have a blog! June 5, 2007

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Opal Regenbogen, originally uploaded by RonikinsKnits.

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I last blogged. I even had to look up my password. Well…oh well. I guess I’ve been busy, but the good kind of busy. You know…camping, beach days, park visits, yadda, yadda. Good times. I’ve also been planning a new crafty project. I’m very excited about it and will blog about very soon (just not ready yet), but it involves using the Hubbo’s artistic abilities. Yeah for a team project!

But I will give some knitting updates, just for fun you know….

Chevron Scarf. Still going almost done.

Rainbow socks. I’m doing 2 at once (on separate needles) and knitting on 0’s at 10 spi (I know, 10 spi! whattha!?!?!) so these are a little slower than my average socks. BUT…almost done.

Tiger socks. I’ve tried 0’s, 1’s, 1.5’s, 2’s,3’s…but it’s not working.(Which reminds me, have ya’ll heard that Knitpicks heard us and have made and already selling the elusive 2.25mm & 2.75mm sizes. Yaaa!!) I’m trying to do the impossible of controlling the pool and still have a nice tight sock fabric. Right now I’m sick of it, but when I’m ready to give it a go again, I think I’m gonna do Jaywalker’s. My first, oh my!

CPH is done. Mostly. Kinda. It had been lying there for weeks just needing some sleeve shaping, button band, and the sleeves to be sewn on. So on Sunday I buckled down and got 2 out of 3 done. I was really gonna sew on those sleeves right away…but I got my invite to Raverly….so

Raverly. There is just not a better way of saying it than -IT ROCKS. For those of you who haven’t heard (cause your living under a rock…or the piles of work on your desk…cough*Nana*cough) go check out the sneek peek Frecklegirl put up and SIGN UP. It is still in Beta (aka testing) so you have to get an invite code to get it. It’s done on first come first serve basis, and the wait list is in the thousands, but it sounds like they are letting in about 100 or so a day. In the mean time while you are waiting patiently:

1. If you don’t have a Flickr account, get one.
2. Then take glamour shots of all your stash and upload them to said Flickr account.
3. Make a list of all your knit books.
4. Make a list of projects your interested in.
5. Make a list of all your needles and hooks.

#4 is related to probably one of the best things about Ravelry there is. When I’m starting or even just thinking of a future knit. First I Google it and try to see what other people have done, what yarn, etc. Sometimes wading through pages & pages of Google results. Sometimes I get lucky and there is a knit-a-long. But then still lots of digging through posts and people’s blogs. On Ravelry it’s just one click to see all the people who have knit or are currently knitting it. Also with some uniformity in details (yarn & needles used). LOVE. Sweeet love!

So enough of that, but do feel free to email or comment with any questions re: Ravelry.

I also am about to cast on something new (naptime knitting woohoo!) but will save that for next time!

****BTW: Yarn pictured it just one of my glamour shots from the stash for Ravelry.