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Breaking the silence April 27, 2007

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I am still here, and with no other reason for my absence than not having much to say. I haven’t been knitting much, which pretty much makes me feel not like me. And the short version is CPH has robbed me of my knitting mojo. The love of knitting CPH is gone and has been for awhile. But I made this ridiculous pact with myself to not cast on anything new until it was done. But here’s where I do something, that as you get to know me, you will find I do quite often. I draw this self imposed line in the sand, and then I CROSS it.

This could be the beginning of a Clapotis or I may end up being a copycat and do this. But this is less about the project and more about the yarn. Trekking XXL, colorway 100 (click for photo goodness!) Oh colorway 100 how I love thee! I’ve got quite a love story between me and this yarn. It was the first sock yarn I ever bought. And that purchase did in-fact change the way I viewed this little hobby of mine.

So let’s go back in time just a little bit….(about a year and half ago)

I was extremely pregnant and the Christmas was fast approaching. I was a brand spanking new knitter, and I had yet to come to terms with the cost of knitting. It still just blew my mind that the cost to knit a baby sweater could buy you a couple of outfits at Target. And oh how I laughed at you sock knitters. $20+ to knit a pair of socks!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. And so I do what I do, I drew that line and declared “I will never do that!” Then it happened. I don’t remember where or how but I came across a finished pair of socks in Trekking colorway 100. The colors made me dizzy with lust. Must. Have. Now. And I did. I Googled and made a purchase before I could blink. Then I thought: (that could be another reoccurring theme of mine – do first, think later.) “What did I just do? I bought sock yarn. I don’t knit socks. I don’t even know how to knit socks.” And then I spent a lot more time in my head explaining and justifying, and also practicing my explanation to the Hubbo. I really thought he’d think I’d gone and completely (cause I have made previous incomplete attempts) flipped my lid by spending $20 to knit ONE pair of socks. But being the kind, thoughtful, loving and caring Hubbo that he is (really HE IS!) he saw it completely different. He saw his wife happy and excited about some something beautiful and thought that was quite worth the $20. It took me awhile but then I saw it his way too. (he may regret opening my eyes to that now when he sees my stash. Opps, hehehe) So I bought Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks and learned me to knit some socks, and I became sock knitter. The Trekking yarn was still to beautiful to just dive right in, but served great purpose being eye candy to me for the last year+. And I always felt that there might be a better project for it than socks. Luckily Sandy (blogless?) at knit nite was a step a head of me and is knitting the Entreleac stole form Scarf Style with my love yarn. It is gorgeous! (the link above is another local knitter who is knitting it too) But I’ve also been looking around from some Clapotis yarn. So it’s still in swatchin’ stages here, and I’m undecided as to what scarf it will be…but I’m feeling like me again already. Knitting with passion.

little ham


4 Responses to “Breaking the silence”

  1. AJ Says:

    Gorgeous colors! I’d have to knit it just for the yarn too. No project in mind!

  2. Beatriz Says:

    That’s a really good sock knitting story. I don’t think mine is as good. I walked into AFY, saw the Trekking XXL sock sample, and asked the lady to sign me up for the next sock knitting class. period. We want to take a CPH picture at Knit Nite(Lynda, Nancy, April, me)…so let that be your inspiration.

  3. I enjoyed your sock story. The yarn IS pretty. I clicked over the the entrelac scarf. Very cool. Not I skill I have yet, but maybe you’ll inspire me!

  4. Mr. Hicks Says:

    What have I done… where did I go wrong! Just kidding sweetie, I am so glad you love knitting and it’s so cool all the things you’ve learned. Now if you would work on some of my projects I would just not know what to do with myself! Maybe someday you will start knitting for me, someday…
    I Love You –
    Your Hubbo

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