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Much of the same April 12, 2007

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(the pics are comletely unrelated, just wanted to share the kiddos new shoes. Thanks Nana!)

Still trudging through the boredom. It’s funny how I have been hankering to knit this sweater for months, but now I can’t wait for to be done. But enough of the irony, please!

Lined up

 I just remembered that I promised details on where I bought the yarn. But I will go one step further and just fill you in on all the places that I frequently hunt.

There is the obvious:



Knit Picks

And between these 3, you could actually stop and be quite happy. But I never leave well enough alone. And I’m sure you probably know about most of these too, but I’ll do it anyway.

*Yarn4socks (umm, sock yarn! I made out at a Christmas sale they had last year)

*Little Knits (they carry a variety and often have great deals, just a matter of checking)

CucumberpatchUK (deals on Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Jaeger and the like)

**Janette’s Rare Yarns (this is where I bought the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed) KnittingWarehouse (mostly Cotton Ease)

DiscountYarn (this is another Cotton Ease source, but they do carry lots of other goodies)

**Smiley’s (you never now what they are gonna have, but I’ve been known to get Cotton Ease there)

**TheSheepShedStudio (Brown Sheep yarn)

Kaleidoscope Yarns (they have Koigu on sale right now)

Emtnestr (I mostly stalk the Cherry Tree Hill mill ends)

Royal Yarns (a variety)

ColourMartUK (coned cashmere, silk, and other luxuries)

Knitty Coffeeshop has a “Yarn Sale Spotters” category filled with tips too.

*Purchases made here and was very satisfied **Repeat customer, repeated smiles

I feel like I’ve forgotten a few, but it’s like I tell the Hubbo, there will always be a car sales man out there who wants to make a deal with you. Except this is yarn.


Sidenote: And do also wanna bring up the LYS. Sometimes the few bucks you save aren’t worth it. For one it’s hard to do business online sometimes with the fact that colors vary from monitor to monitor and shipping times stop the instant gratification . But I think more importantly, is the personal connection you can get at a LYS. People are important!

Sometimes I find it hard to keep it all in prospective. Finding the balance between passion and obsession. It is fun buying yarn, and I do equally enjoy finding deals. But it’s a fleeting fulfillment, you know? I’m glad I have my faith and my family to keep me grounded. What keeps you grounded?


3 Responses to “Much of the same”

  1. knittingnana Says:

    Love them shoes, but love them kids more.

  2. knittingnana Says:

    If I were to go to all those sites, I may not have any room left for anything but yarn and would never get to bed.

  3. chauntel Says:

    I totally agree on the LYS thought. It’s nice to know that you can go into the store, touch it, feel it, smell it (did I just admit I smell yarn? ;o()
    It’s also nice to know that when we need a superfix of yarn & we are totally broke there are plenty of options of fantastic yarns online.
    AND, the kids shoes are rad.

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