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Isn’t it Ironic, dontcha think? April 10, 2007

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And yeah I really do think.*

So first, let me say thank you for your well wishes and sympathy! I luckily did not have to go that long with out picking up the sticks. Just about 2 ½ days of non-knitting. I’d like to be able to report that I was quite mature about it, kept my chin up, and instead of knitting did lots of other useful things. The key word there is like. Yeah, I pretty much just whined and sulked about. And you guessed it Beatriz, I fondled my stash. I did some winding of yarn, organization of yarn and yarn spreadsheet, flipped through my knit books and mags, and then I did some catching up on bloglines. Then it became too painful, not physically for the finger, but for my knittin’ heart! It seemed like I may never knit again, on Thursday my finger was still twice its normal size. But I noticed when I took a shower and took off the splint that the swelling went down quite a bit. Leaving the splint off did make it vulnerable, but keeping the splint on seemed to stop blood flow. So I decided to leave it off, and by that afternoon I was knitting again. Not completely pain free, but very manageable. I picked up my Central Park Hoodie and was off again. But by the next day I began remembering all that yarn I had played with, an all the other projects I have planned, and all the wonderful things you guys are making. I began to feel really quick sick of looking at this mostly black yarn. You know what I’m talking about. BOREDOM. But I know that if I cast on anything else CPH would have little chance of ever seeing the light of day. It’s not that I am in a hurry to complete this 100% wool sweater in time for this glorious spring weather we are having.

CPH progress shot

It’s just that I know myself all too well. Putting it down and casting on something else at that point would have meant death. So over the weekend I barely knit. I was quite busy with the family and the holiday and all, so it was easy to do. But mostly the non-knitting this time was voluntary. But yesterday I realized I had made it to the point of armhole shaping, and it became interesting enough to pick up again. So I’m back at it! I’m hoping to get it done soon, but only time will tell!

So, just in case you missed all the irony, I will break it down for ya:

• The most obvious is the knitting of a 100% wool sweater in the spring. And I live in Southern California, where my winters barely qualify for a wool sweater.
• Next, the fact that a knitter causes HERSELF a hand injury.
• And then when that said knitter is once again able to knit, doesn’t. Voluntarily.

*guess the artist?


4 Responses to “Isn’t it Ironic, dontcha think?”

  1. AJ Says:

    The sweater is looking great. Glad you are feeling back to “normal”!

  2. knittingnana Says:

    The sweater looks really good. I can’t believe you got so far. Love the eggs. Hope we can do a hunt.

  3. Beatriz Says:

    Alanis Morrissette would agree you’re having some ironic moments. I really want to make another CPH and Lois is going to have a Spring Yarn Sale this week! Out of season wierd. I do think we should all take a photo of our CPHs together…you, Lynda, April, Sophia, Nancy and myself. Glad your finger is better!

  4. Becky Says:

    Glad to hear you are back to your knitting, your sweater looks great and Beatriz is right, you all need to have a group photo. Knitters in the ‘hood!

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