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“You did it again Mama?” April 3, 2007

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That is what Dude #1 said when he saw this:

Yes, this is the second time I’ve smashed one of my own fingers in my mini-van’s sliding door! Owwwwwccchhhhhhh!

We did take a trip to the ER, but ended up leaving before x-rays.  (Thanks soo much Nana & Poppy for taking me! And thank you Hubbo for staying home with the kiddos!) We waited for 2 ½ hours, with probably at least another 2 hour wait to even get x-rays. I’m a very impatient waiter with out my knitting! And the sad truth is: I can’t knit. At least not today, or probably tomorrow. I tried, just to see, but it’s a no go. I’m a continental knitter, and I hold my index finger up kinda high, and it strains my “tall man” (proper preschool name of the middle finger) too much. This is my 3rd hand injury in the last 6 months that has ceased knitting. And that is where the real pain comes in!

The good news…..I still had my finger splint. :-(::::::::::::::::

p.s. if Nana ran this blog, there would be a picture of me holding the frozen (but melting) bag of corn I used as an ice bag while sitting in the ER waiting room. Oh AND with Flat Stanley (my niece’s form Virginia)


4 Responses to ““You did it again Mama?””

  1. Becky Says:

    Oh,you poor thing. That looks so painful.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you can’t knit.

  2. Beatriz Says:

    I’m so sorry…you poor thing. Twice?! My heart goes out to you while you’re abstaining from the knitting. Maybe you can spend time fondling your favorite yarns…just a thought.

  3. AJ Says:

    It would be the utter end of the world for me! Feel better soon!

  4. keri Says:

    Oh no, poor thing, I hope you’re ok!

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