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Quinched thirst March 29, 2007

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Here it is. The humble beginnings of my Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene. A few false starts (dontcha hate that!), but I’m now a little over 2″ into the ribbing. I’m knitting the fronts and back together. The yarn is the now discontinued Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in the color DarkSide. This picture was the best I could do with dying camera batteries. It is actually more black in real life. I am loving it! More about where I got the yarn later this week, but right now I must pick up my Dude #1 from school!!


I’m back…again? March 28, 2007

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Well I didn’t leave the state this time. I just left the blog for a bit I guess. I’m not gonna apologize or give excuses. I’m a big believer in choices. I believe it’s empowering to know you have them. You always have choices. When I worked in a domestic & sexual abuse crisis center that is what we told clients. We never told them what to do; we only made them aware of their choices. I try to let my kids have as many “choices” as possible, letting them practice “choosing” in the safety of my eye and their home. When I’m unhappy or dissatisfied with something I ask my self, what are my choices and what can I change? As a Mom when I feel stuck and overwhelmed, I remind myself I’m choosing to do what I do, and I then can take pride in my choices. All this to say…I’ve made lots of choices over the last few days… and none of which included blogging. 🙂

I did however choose to:

Finish these

baby toes!
And these.

Then I chose to make a purchase. A yarn purchase. It’s for a project that has sent me scouring for the right yarn over the last few months. In fact while searching for the right yarn, I of course came across many other yarns and my stash has grown extensively. Then I found it. The perfect color, fiber, gauge, and price! Then while I waited for my order to arrive, because this project is now at the head of the wait list (Sorry boys!), I wanted a small project that would be done by its arrival. While digging through the stash I was also thinking of what I could do away with. I came across some Sugars and Cream and thought it should definitely go. I had a run in with some other cotton last year that left me with a in a wrist bandage. I’ve been scared of a lot of cottons since. Not all, Cotton Fleece and Cotton Ease are luckily safe! But the stringiness of Sugars and Cream had me cringing. But I also thought how nice it would be if this little cotton stash was knitted into some of those cute little Mason Dixon Warshrags and then sent to Grandma J back in Texas. So I thought I’d be brave and just try.

Warshrags  1 & 2

Turns out it may not have been the cotton, but the combo of the cotton and the needles I was using. (some Susan Bates for the curious). These little things are quite addictive. It’s mindless knitting for sure and it’s almost instant gratification how quick they work up! Well my yarn arrived on Saturday, but we had quite the busy weekend with a baby shower and a bday party so I decided to wait to start. I decided that warshrags were much more portable so I just kept going. Then Monday came and went…still knitting warshrags.

Warshrags  3 & 4

Then Tuesday night I finally hit my end. I ran out of yarn.

Warshrags  4  & almost 5

I still plan on knitting more of these, this time for me in more ME colors. But for now I’m out cotton and looking forward to my next project. Stay tuned for more…


3 of a kind March 14, 2007

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So all the love that I feel when I wrap myself up in Gma A’s blankets has had me thinking a lot about knitting for the people I love. And with that I present some FOs for people I love.

It is the same in essence as the brother in law’s hat; but with a different stitch count, motif, and yarn. So it felt different enough to not bore me…too much.

Dude #2 with his new socks

It was soo much fun to knit for my little guy! He’s the one who wants everything I knit, not ever caring what it is, how big or how wrong the colors are. His favorite part was trying on, and giving me direction. We did many try-ons just for fun. Now I know a 3 yo is normally excited about socks, but he was soo happy. And really I don’t think it had anything to do with the socks. It’s funny how a child can get it. A lot of adults you run into today just don’t. They think handmade means cheap and crappy. This little guy knows that hand made means made with lots of love. He knows that while Mamma is knitting, she’s thinking of him. He knows that I’m taking my time to make something just for him. It’s a completely tangible evidence of love. He gets it, and he already wants to know when it’s his “turn” again!

Dude #1 with his octopus

The Dude would not budge on the yarn choice. I kept asking, like I forgot, “come and pick out some yarn sweetie” or “what yarn do you want?”, but I kept getting the adamant “I already told you, I want the rainbow yarn.” even after it had been deeply hidden, he didn’t…couldn’t… wouldn’t forget. But a ray of sunshine poked through and I found this pattern at Ana Paula’s etsy shop. I asked Dude and he said very quickly, “Yeah Mamma, an Octopus”. So I guess he really just wanted an Octopus, not that Octopus. Had I known I would have tried this many months ago. And I just kept telling myself “look at the pretty colors” instead of focusing on the plasticky yuckiness of the yarn. But whateva, it’s done and he’s happy. I do say this every time I’ve made a toy/stuffie, but it is sooo much fun! I love watching all those little pieces come together (even if that means I have to sew them together). I love embroidering the face (even though I have no idea what I’m doing) and I love watching the kids play with them and having them come to life. I feel like Geppetto . I have a small collection of knitted and crocheted toy books and patterns, including the many I just bought from Ana Paula, and a secret desire to own them all. I could almost do this kind of making full time…almost. I know the kids would love it! And I do definitely have to recommend Ana Paula’s patterns, she is very fast at emailing the patterns and they are very well written, so seriously go look – so.cute. I only made one teeny tiny mod, I used this start method rather then the first two rows on the body and the legs. I really like the magic adjustable ring method and do also recommend it. (It does seem, from my track record, that putting magic in the title makes me a believer. Magic loop, Judy’s Magic cast on, and now The Magic Adjustable Ring. Gullible me)

And speaking of Etsy love….I also picked up some soap from the Knitting Philistine’s shop. WOW! As soon as I read her blurb about the grapefruit soap I had clicked the buy button before I could even stop myself. Then I thought, what did I just do? I’ve got soap, I don’t need soap. But then it arrived. Again, WOW! The aroma was exactly what I was dreaming of, and I instantly wished I had bought more. Well luckily Megan has such phenomenal customer service skills that she can actually read my mind. Okay it was more of an accidental duplicate shipment…or was it…I kinda like the idea of normal people with super powers.

So anywho, I’ve got 3 satisfied customers. HaHaHa! Umm, yeah right. Dude #1 is already asking for his socks, Dude #2 is already asking for Octopus (I’m hoping to convince him a different Ana pattern) and Hubbo had me order yarn for a sweater for him. Well luckily, I’m feeling the love and don’t have a problem with granting there knitting requests…for now.


Back from Texas! March 12, 2007

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Hi! I know it’s been awhile, and I wasn’t actually gone in Texas this whole time. But I was having some yucky internet problems before we left, and even after many, many hours on the phone with some dude in India it wasn’t fixed. Luckily my Dad is a genius, and it’s all better! So we’ve been back a week already, but I’m having a hard time catching back up and getting back into my normal routine. But in order to keep this post from being too long to handle (for my benefit and yours!) I’m going to just do some highlights.

• David Hasselhoff sighting at airport. (not exactly a highlight I guess, but it was interesting)

• First breath of Texas air!
• First hug with Gma J!
• A lot of first foods, including: Brisket, Barbequoa, and Frog Legs! YUM!
• Hours and hours around the Gma J’s kitchen table with photos, memories, and stories!
• Being an observer to special moments between Gma J and my kiddos! (actually my kids Great Grandma)
• Bringing Gma J to the 21st century and getting her a DVD player, and her first DVD player (Johnny Cash!)
• Meeting the Amazing Great Gma A on her 100th Birthday! (my kiddos Great, Great Grandma)
• Meeting the rest of the incredibly remarkable family!
• Witnessing the perma-grin on hubbos face!
• Not having time to knit and being totally okay with it!
• Experiencing true Texan hospitality over and over!
• Four generational pictures!

Really I could do more but I’m too anxious to talk more about Gma A. She was truly an astounding woman, and probably has more talent in her pinky than I have in my entirety!

Her 100 years have been jammed pack with courage, love, family, and craftiness! Born into a family of 12, then as a young woman traveled from Northern Texas to Southern Texas in horse and carriage with her first 2 sons (eventually had 5! boys!), churned butter to sell at the local commissary, raised 5 boys during the depression, taught her self piano and played beautifully, painter, artist, knitter, crocheter, HAND-quilter, wonderful cook and canner, and a top of it all a heart of gold!

Now I’ll go directly to the photos….
(I do apologize in advanced as pictures were taken in either fluorescent lighting while I was meeting a hundred or so new to me family members or too late at night with flash. And do click for bigger and more details)

My creation

And I am now the proud owner of these blankets. Swooooonnnnnn! Knowing the love and work that went into these blankets is keeping me warm at night!
Gma A's crochet blanketGma A's crocheted blanket

Look at this awesome randomness created with out the use of a uber cool random number generator!
A close upA close-up with view of back

I am so in love with this stitch, and did not come across it my crochet stitch dictionary. But I think I’ve figured it out. And for those who are interested:

Row 1: Sc desired amount (to achieve width based on your gauge) in multiples of 8. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 2: Sc across, chain 1 and turn.

Row 3: *Sc 8, dc down into row 1*, repeat from *

Row 4: *sc till just past row 3’s dc , then dc down into row 2* repeat from *

Repeat row 4 until desired length and bind off!

And for maximum coolness work each row in a different color with complete randomness!
So in conclusion I am just smitten with Texas and my extended family! I feel honored to have married into such a wonderful family!

p.s, I do also feel honored to come from such a good family! (Hi mom!!)