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Rough Starts… February 21, 2007

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I’m running a little behind this week. Hubbo was off work Monday…so Tuesday felt like  Monday…but now it’s Wednesday…I’m a little thrown off. So let’s catch up…

Friday night me and Hubbo were able to have a kid free night and ride his motorcycle  Harley Davidson to our home group. I’m actually a nervous nelly and riding the motorcyle is always a bit nerve racking, but it’s also very fun to hug my man tight and arrive in style! So all in all it was very nice!

Saturday night I started a swatch/sleeve for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. Note to self: Do not rush to conclusions on pattern errors at midnight, just go to bed! My difficulty began at row 1. Yuck! The stitch repeat of 3+1 was not adding up with my 51 sleeve stitches.  I kept trying, counting, fiddling, etc. Then I started googling and didn’t come up with much. But I did find Veronik Avery’s blog, so I left a comment insisting error. D’oh! Opps , I neglected the pattern notes regarding the two selvedge stitches. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE STITCH PATTERNS! Sorry, I was yelling at me-not you. Fortunately Veronik was very nice and helpful, THANK YOU Veronik! But now, given my history, I’m having difficulty selecting a size.

Dollar and Half Cardi

So while I’m deciding on size, I thought I’d go ahead and start on a requested hat for the Hubbo. I don’t know about you guys, but I have no lack of requests when it comes to knits, he’s got a list! I know he really likes the idea of CUSTOM knits, but I also know (cause he tells me) that he’s proud of me and wants to show off! So I can’t refuse the guy, blame love.

Hubbo Hat

It’s taken some knitty math, lots of charting, knitting and frogging, and finding the perfect colors, but by george I think I’ve got it! Now I just gotta finish it. It’s not very portable at the moment so I’ve also casted on some comfort socks.

Panda Cotton Sock

In other news: We were planning on going out to Texas this summer to visit Hubbos family (that he hasn’t seen in 20 years!) . But instead, we are going NEXT WEEK! His Great Grandma is turning 100! A surpise party has been planned and we don’t want to miss it. (Although I’m not sure a surprise party for a 100 yo is wise) So I’ve got lots to do. You don’t fly to another state for a few days with 3 children with out lots of planning!

p.s. thanks again for the sweet comments on Green Gable!


4 Responses to “Rough Starts…”

  1. Eric Hicks Says:

    I Love Harley Davidson’s Too!

  2. I can’t decide which of your new projects is my favorite. I love brown. Brown and orange. Brown and blue. Brown and pink. So, given that I llove your color choices for the sweater and the hat! I think they both look like fun projects. I can relate to the midnight knitting. It happens to me again and again.I always say I’m going to stop rushing in, slow down and read the pattern, etc. but I don’t! That’s okay! Hope you have a safe trip…I’m off on a spur of the moment trip to Sunny Florida with my three boys and my dad. But spur of the minute is easier with teenagers!

  3. AJ Says:

    I think the beginnings of the sweater look really good! Don’t be so hard on yourself about being off on the stitch count. I just sat here working on my socks KNOWING that I did something wrong because I had 75 sts. instead of 76. It turned out that I did a decrease when I wasn’t supposed to…only I didn’t realize it for like 30 minutes! Duh! Is the hat you are making for your husband the “They Call Them Pirates” hat?

  4. Kaity Says:

    I love that Dollar and a Half Cardigan, or whatever it’s called. If I could knit a sweater, I’d make me one, but, I don’t have the patience.

    And I love that Panda Cotton sock yarn, it works up very cool!

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