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Introducing…. February 8, 2007

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You’ve met Dude #2 and My Babydoll, now introducing Dude #1.

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My first born, for you mothers out there, enough said!

So Dude #1 is currently going to a local private school. This was a very hard decision to make. Since pregnancy we had been set on home schooling. Even before kids I had always thought that home schooling was the way to go, not that I ever planned on having kids of my own, it just seemed like the ideal choice to learn in life rather then to learn in a class. Yes it’s true. I never wanted kids or marriage; I had no desire for anything domestic. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc – Blah! Not me. I often played “business meeting” as an alternative to “house”. Instead of Barbies I was often writing letters to the members of Congress and the President. But in hopes of keeping this shorter rather than pages long on the transformation of Roni, let’s just say God changes people. Anywho, putting him in school didn’t really seem like an option, but in the end it’s not about pride, it’s about what is best for my kids. So school it is for now. I have no regrets. He loves school and does very well. I his teacher. She let’s me intrude on her class quite often for crafts and games. She’s a knitter too! (I kinda taught her, but mostly she persevered and got it despite my efforts!)

So Dude #1 has missed all this week of school so far, and his teacher called yesterday hoping he’d make it in, as it was award day and he got Student of the Month! Yaaaahhhh!
I’m soo proud of my Dude. They will do the award next week, so for now we are keeping it a secret from him, so shhhhhh.

And on the Green Gable front, I have yet to restart. I’m fighting it. It’s kinda like when I let the dishes pile up, cause I’m just sick of doing them. But in the end it has to be done. I also secretly like having the transformation of a completely overflowing sink to everything clean and put away in its proper place. No matter how dirty the dishes are it so easy to fix with some soap and scrubbing. I wish all life’s problems were that easy to solve! So in the end when I suck it up and perform my knitterly duty I’ll probably will have that same satisfaction that happens from an empty sink. Plus that way I can get to the other projects calling to me!!


2 Responses to “Introducing….”

  1. AJ Says:

    Awww he’s a cutie!

  2. Nana Says:

    We are so please with what we see and love that Dude #1 to pieces! Of course, our babydoll produces the most beautiful babydolls ever. She is a domestic diva now. 🙂

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