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Uh-oh February 5, 2007

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I did it again.

Fisher Price person represents what it looks like on me. Yeah, bummer. I swear I tried it on when I put the sleeves on scrap yarn and before I started the body. But I guess my brain doesn’t work quite right after 10pm. At least it’s kinda fun ripping with the ball winder. The kids always enjoy it too.

So yesterday the LYS (Local Yarn Shop 😉 Mom!) had a pick a card sale. Where you first select your purchases and then pick a card to determine your percentage off (from 10%-50%). I only got 10%, but I’m really excited about the project I have in mind for the yarn I bought. More about that later.

Here’s the goods:


(click for details)

But the whole Green Gable tradegy will have to be put on hold , along with everything else, because The Dudes (my two boys) have pink eye. Yuck!, Yuck!, Yuck! I’ll spare you pics, cause believe me you don’t wanna see.

So that’s probably all you’ll get outta me for a few days!


6 Responses to “Uh-oh”

  1. I got that book for myself for Christmas–even had my son wrap it and put it under the tree, so I wouldn’t be tempted to read it, instead of other stuff 🙂 . I haven’t knit socks yet, though the Madder Ribbed willbe soon. I have used it for reference on heels and toes several times. Bummer about the sweater–that’s how most of mine turn out, too!

  2. AJ Says:

    What a bummer about your sweater! Maybe the next time will spell success!

  3. Beatriz Says:

    I’ve only done two patterns from Knitting Vintage Socks…it’s such a good investment! I also bought pre-sale Favorite Socks at Amazon. Sorry about your Green Gables…it was looking so beautiful on Sunday.

  4. Beatriz Says:

    I think I left comments for you on Marioknitte’s blog…oops. Thx for the Cotton Fleece site. I ordered enough Candy Apple, Caramel, and Olive Green to make a cardigan.

  5. Kaity Says:

    Aww, it’s too big? That sucks! It’s a beutiful color, though! I wonder why I never noticed it at our LYS?

  6. lynda Says:

    Oooh, bummer that your GG is too big! I’m actually wearing mine today! I love the color of yours.

    (PS – I am totally in love with my KnitPicks Options, too)

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