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Rough Starts… February 21, 2007

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I’m running a little behind this week. Hubbo was off work Monday…so Tuesday felt like  Monday…but now it’s Wednesday…I’m a little thrown off. So let’s catch up…

Friday night me and Hubbo were able to have a kid free night and ride his motorcycle  Harley Davidson to our home group. I’m actually a nervous nelly and riding the motorcyle is always a bit nerve racking, but it’s also very fun to hug my man tight and arrive in style! So all in all it was very nice!

Saturday night I started a swatch/sleeve for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. Note to self: Do not rush to conclusions on pattern errors at midnight, just go to bed! My difficulty began at row 1. Yuck! The stitch repeat of 3+1 was not adding up with my 51 sleeve stitches.  I kept trying, counting, fiddling, etc. Then I started googling and didn’t come up with much. But I did find Veronik Avery’s blog, so I left a comment insisting error. D’oh! Opps , I neglected the pattern notes regarding the two selvedge stitches. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE STITCH PATTERNS! Sorry, I was yelling at me-not you. Fortunately Veronik was very nice and helpful, THANK YOU Veronik! But now, given my history, I’m having difficulty selecting a size.

Dollar and Half Cardi

So while I’m deciding on size, I thought I’d go ahead and start on a requested hat for the Hubbo. I don’t know about you guys, but I have no lack of requests when it comes to knits, he’s got a list! I know he really likes the idea of CUSTOM knits, but I also know (cause he tells me) that he’s proud of me and wants to show off! So I can’t refuse the guy, blame love.

Hubbo Hat

It’s taken some knitty math, lots of charting, knitting and frogging, and finding the perfect colors, but by george I think I’ve got it! Now I just gotta finish it. It’s not very portable at the moment so I’ve also casted on some comfort socks.

Panda Cotton Sock

In other news: We were planning on going out to Texas this summer to visit Hubbos family (that he hasn’t seen in 20 years!) . But instead, we are going NEXT WEEK! His Great Grandma is turning 100! A surpise party has been planned and we don’t want to miss it. (Although I’m not sure a surprise party for a 100 yo is wise) So I’ve got lots to do. You don’t fly to another state for a few days with 3 children with out lots of planning!

p.s. thanks again for the sweet comments on Green Gable!


Modeling… February 17, 2007

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I’m really reaching beyond myself for this. I am quite camera shy, and hardly ever pose for pics and when I do it’s usually with some goofy face. The photo shoot with the hubbo did turn out pretty fun though. He really likes the top and was very encouraging. Thanks hubbo!


Perseverance February 16, 2007

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Green Gable done and drying.

Hopefully a modelled shot this weekend!

Well I gotta run, someone wants some attention…


Yarn Love February 14, 2007

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Make sure you hug your yarn today!


Put on your sunglasses! February 9, 2007

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(I wasn’t kidding about the sunglasses, sorry for the “winter legs”. And In case your wondering, in the summer time they are not magically golden brown, more like a crisp pink!)

So with the kiddos being sick, not much knitting has actually happened this week. More because of having a highly contagious infection (Sorry Dad!!), rather than actually feeling sick. Being stuck at the house with no playdates and other outings made it increasingly difficult to use up all the energy they awake each morning with. But I did manage to start and finish the second Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch sock.

Have a great weekend!!


Introducing…. February 8, 2007

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You’ve met Dude #2 and My Babydoll, now introducing Dude #1.

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My first born, for you mothers out there, enough said!

So Dude #1 is currently going to a local private school. This was a very hard decision to make. Since pregnancy we had been set on home schooling. Even before kids I had always thought that home schooling was the way to go, not that I ever planned on having kids of my own, it just seemed like the ideal choice to learn in life rather then to learn in a class. Yes it’s true. I never wanted kids or marriage; I had no desire for anything domestic. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc – Blah! Not me. I often played “business meeting” as an alternative to “house”. Instead of Barbies I was often writing letters to the members of Congress and the President. But in hopes of keeping this shorter rather than pages long on the transformation of Roni, let’s just say God changes people. Anywho, putting him in school didn’t really seem like an option, but in the end it’s not about pride, it’s about what is best for my kids. So school it is for now. I have no regrets. He loves school and does very well. I his teacher. She let’s me intrude on her class quite often for crafts and games. She’s a knitter too! (I kinda taught her, but mostly she persevered and got it despite my efforts!)

So Dude #1 has missed all this week of school so far, and his teacher called yesterday hoping he’d make it in, as it was award day and he got Student of the Month! Yaaaahhhh!
I’m soo proud of my Dude. They will do the award next week, so for now we are keeping it a secret from him, so shhhhhh.

And on the Green Gable front, I have yet to restart. I’m fighting it. It’s kinda like when I let the dishes pile up, cause I’m just sick of doing them. But in the end it has to be done. I also secretly like having the transformation of a completely overflowing sink to everything clean and put away in its proper place. No matter how dirty the dishes are it so easy to fix with some soap and scrubbing. I wish all life’s problems were that easy to solve! So in the end when I suck it up and perform my knitterly duty I’ll probably will have that same satisfaction that happens from an empty sink. Plus that way I can get to the other projects calling to me!!


I don’t think I need to do that weird things meme now, this post proves just how wacky I am. February 6, 2007

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So things aren’t as bad as I thought they would be around here. The Dudes are actually quite full of energy and in good spirits despite the pink eye. I haven’t restarted the Green Gable yet, but hope to later today. I just had to take a day of comfort knitting on my socks. That is what socks are for,no? So I have nothing new to show, but decided to take this time to talk about something.

As I became a knitter I became a tad obsessed with the tools of the trade. The thought of having an urge to knit something but not having the appropriate needle right there waiting for me made me a little nervous. I’m one of those people who like to have all their ducks in a row. So I began a search for a “set” of needles that would put that fear away. I found some super affordable bamboo needles on Ebay and relaxed for a minute. Then I bought an Addi Turbo to try out. It was love at first stitch, and also made me realize that I’m really not a bamboo girl. But the price of Addis made me nervous again. Then I stumbled on the Boye set at stealer price and thought, this could work. Well, they did have some obvious limitations: only sizes US 4-15, bulky join, inflexible cable, and definitely on the heavier side, but I made due. Subsequently Knitpicks introduces their new line of needles. Luckily my birthday was around the corner.

My Needles 2

You know that love that I declared for Addis, well it was kinda like that high school first time kind of love. My love for Knitpicks Options is like the “I do through sickness and health” kind of love. Yeah it’s serious.
Flexible cable, smooth joins, light weight, pointy, and affordable. But the real kicker is the ease of organization and mobility. Really that is the climax right there. It bears repeating the ease of organization and mobility. My heart actually skipped a beat.

I know there has been some talk about the weight of the double points. But that is of no concern to me. I don’t own the double points and have no plans to buy them. I’m a magic looper. In fact if you’re concerned with weight you should try magic looping. Four to five needles are much heavier than two. Besides that it’s faster. Three to four needle intersections where you have to stop and re-set up your tension and whatnot takes more time than it does for two needle intersections. I have no problem with using double points; I did quite often before the Options set. I just have a problem with the extra storage, and money that they require. That’s right that is how I operate.

My Needles 1

I can sleep at night now. I have all the needles I need right there waiting for me in my new knitting bag. That is partly why I don’t think I was very attracted to that bag before, it couldn’t have possibly fit all the needles I would have needed before. The other part was not knowing a black version existed.

Well I think that’s more than enough talk for today!