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Experimenting with heels January 30, 2007

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So in order to distract myself from making a decision* (I suck at making decisions) I created a problem that needed solving (I love to solve problems). Neurotic? Maybe, but at least I am aware of my sickness.

Problem: Need for a better short row heel (I was using the wrap method)

Possible Solutions: Laura B’s Toes and Heels

Experiments conducted:

Verdict: Japanese short row heels ROCK! They are not only the easiest (which also means quickest) but I think they give the best results.

Close up

Sorry for flash photos, but it’s raining again.

Look at that heel!

So how do the kiddos feel about being trapped inside on a rainy day with a crazy mom who insists on clearing off their train table** to sit on top of it and take pictures of a sock?

The jury is still out on this one….

Dude #2 Babydoll

*still on the fence about what to knit next

**it’s really a large wooden coffee table with drawers, buts substitues nicely for a train table (or whatever else they are playing with in the playroom)


One Response to “Experimenting with heels”

  1. Kaity Says:

    I use the heel from this sock pattern:

    It’s easy and there is no wrapping, although those japanese ones look pretty fancy, I may have to give those a try!

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