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The End of the Endpaper Mitts…for now January 26, 2007

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bad blogger, originally uploaded by RonikinsKnits.

I forgot to take a before photo.Opps. Bad blogger.

But it wasn’t much, so whateva. I really like the yarn- so soft and wooly (Brown Sheep’s Wildefoot in Temple Turquoise and Gunsmoke ), pattern is great, color work is fun, and I love the colors. I think I’m just done with fingerless gloves for now.

I did finish up the hubby me gloves. Yeah they are for me now. Apparently the hubby is not MAN enough for purple (more of an eggplant really). And he keeps calling it pink. Sweetie, it’s not pink. It’s okay though, I really like them. And he went to great efforts to reassure me, “It’s not the knitting, I love the knitting…it’s just pink.” So I’ll be on the lookout for none girly yarn for him. Any reason to yarn shop is fine with me!

Cactus Mitts

(Named the Cactus Mitts because of this photo. click to see specs…and I will post pattern soon Becky!)

I finished them up at knit night at the LYS. I’ve been very excited all week to go again. And then I had to stop and ask myself why are you soo excited?? Not that the girls there aren’t great (You are!!), but it’s not like OMG backstage pass!! exciting. Then it hit me, I think last Thursday was the longest I’ve ever been able to just sit and knit. And being surrounded by people who speak and understand knitterease, icing on the cake baby! Last night was even better, cause I got to meet Lynda and Kaity! I’ve been totally lovin on reading their blogs for a lil while and they are just as nice in person!

So I’ve got semi empty needles (just some socks- there is always socks.) I started thinking on my next project earlier this week and made some lists and matched it up with my stash spreadsheet (Yes I am that geeky!) But this messed it all up. Now I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll sit and think on it for a minute.


3 Responses to “The End of the Endpaper Mitts…for now”

  1. lynda Says:

    It was fun meeting you last night, too! I love meeting bloggers in “real life!” Hopefully Kaity and I will be able to make it out to knit night again, we’re hoping about once a month or so. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!

  2. Personally, I love the color. But I’m a girl…My husband wouldn’t wear them either, I bet. In fact, my 14 year old son requested thatI NOT EVEN WEAR fingerless gloves when I am with him. What a sweetie!

  3. carrie m Says:

    i’ve abandonned my own mitten projects lately, so i feel your pain.
    (i totally love the flowers at the top of your blog. so delightful!)

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