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First attempt January 22, 2007

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First attempt 2

First attempt 1Originally uploaded by RonikinsKnits.

So I happily cast on Saturday morning for hubbys fingerless gloves, with my new favorite tubular cast on, even get the correct number of stitches on the first try! I enjoy the rest of my day hanging with my family and knitting a row here and there. Later that night, after all kiddos are in bed, hubby and I are relaxing. I grab my knitting and show him my progress, he’s pretty impressed thinking he might be able to wear these pretty soon. I had just placed the thumb gusset stitches on a scrap of yarn, and decided it was time for a try on. Opps, hubby does not have Sasquatch hands. Gauge?, you say, oh no – spot on. Correct number of stitches? Nope, perfect. So what’s the deal? I forgot one of the most important things! Looking at the schematics to determine size. So it has already been ripped and started again. This time after careful examination of the schematics and much measuring.


3 Responses to “First attempt”

  1. AJ Says:

    At least you had him try it on as you worked on it. My first (and only thus far) sweater for Shawn turned out to be way too big (length and width wise) because the “professional” LYS owner measured him wrong! Imagine! A whole cashmere sweater, in black 5×3 ribbing…WRONG! *sigh* Size matters! 😉

  2. Kaity Says:

    Hmm, They look a lot less pink in person!

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