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*Warning: Some content may cause cuteness overload January 19, 2007

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So for the first time I went to my LYS knit night. I have been wanting to go for AWHILE. But I’ve chickened out every week for the last year. It’s not anxiety of meeting new knitters and getting to sit there, knitting and chatting, with no kiddos in sight. That is actually the stuff dreams are made of. I love to knit, I love to chat, and I love meeting new people. So what has been stopping me from going?

*You have been for forewarned:


My BabyDoll.

(And yes she’s a true pirate going “Argghhhh” in the pic with eye patch)

 When she was born was the beginning of me becoming a REAL stay at home momma. I say real because up until then I had always worked a lil bit. Few hours a night, or on the weekend. But without the need (as in paycheck) to leave my baby, it has been very hard to do. But it has been a looonnnngggg couple of weeks around here. Teething and a never ending cold makes for a sad, sad BabyDoll who wants only to nurse. Around. The. Clock.  And let’s face it – nursing a snot nose that’s prone to biting just sucks. Yeah, I needed to get OUT.  

And it did feel so good. Besides my mom (aka Nana) I really don’t have any fellow knitters to chat with. My dear hubby will pretend to listen to the woes of gauge and love of yarn so sincerely, but in the end I know he’s pretending. (I know because he gets the same glaze I do when he mentions The Steelers or motorcycles – and yes he’s equally aware of my pretending). I left feeling recharged and ready to tackle another long night. Funny thing though, she turned back into the sleeping angel last night that I knew she was. (cross fingers for more of that!) I guess a happy mom does equal a happy baby. 

I do love my LYS and feel sad that I don’t support it as much as I should. (Being the deal hunter that I am I’m often shopping at some sale online). So to make up for it I left with a lil something.


Sorry this is the best photo I could do. L But this stuff is gorgeous. It’s a new sock yarn by Colinette. 100% merino goodness called Jitterbug, colourway Castagna (which is Italian for chestnut). Quite pricey too, $21.50 for a little less than 300 yards. But this was a guilt induced purchase which apparently cancels out my frugal nature.  It was bought with thoughts of hubby and he loves it too. So I’m gonna get started on some fingerless gloves RIGHT AWAY! 

(I also took home an orange chi, cause I NEED one, and a magnetic chart keeper because it was only 6 bucks and looked way cool. And I don’t need to justify this, I’m just sayin incase you were wondering. )

So what did I knit at knit night?


I cast on for these when I started the Endpaper Mitts. I needed something that was equally pick up-able and easily throw down-able. The Endpaper Mitts are in reserve for when all kiddos are gone or asleep, so needless to say they haven’t been seeing much action. And because I don’t trust myself to chat and follow a chart yet, I did not take the Endpaper Mitts to knit night. 

So the specs,

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Regia Silk, color Navy Blue

Yardage: 1 50gram ball with loads leftover, might be enough for a 3rd even!

Needles:  Knit Picks Classic Circulars, size US 2

Gauge: 8 sts/inch

Date Started: Jan 15th

Date Completed: Jan 19th

For: Nana

Cost: $5 (yarn bought on sale of course!)

Thoughts: Love the yarn, love the needles, love knitting for my mom, and love completing something I intended to do months ago!!

And I swear I do knit things other than fingerless gloves, but right now I just can’t stop myself. Well alright, I’ll see ya next time! 

p.s. what’s up with wordpress. I seem to be only able to get my pics viewed  as a thumbnail or HUGE. Or is it me?


One Response to “*Warning: Some content may cause cuteness overload”

  1. JulieFrick Says:

    Ah, I remember those stay-at-home days. They come around for three months every year. I also remember the nursing-a-biter days, the stuffy-nose-nursing days…makes me wonder if I’m brave enough to do it all over again! Glad you got out!

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