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As promised… January 17, 2007

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100_1185.jpgMore about casting on those Endpaper Mitts. And I do mean the actual “cast on”. Eunny’s pattern calls for the Italian tubular cast on. But first I must say, that I love. love. love that Eunny specifies which cast on. Most commercial patterns don’t and it always bugs me, because I am a firm believer in using an appropriate cast on. Eunny even links to fantastic tutorial. Second, today must be the day to discuss tubular cast ons. Kathy’s blog is one of the first I ever read. Or for that matter, stumbled on to, while googling the combined method of knitting. I’m a big fan of Grumperina and take her suggestions seriously. Her first mention of Monste Stanley’s book and the loads of cast-ons, cast offs, increases, decreases, etc had my heart go pitter-patter. That is the kind of info I CRAVE. And the book does not disappoint! I’m not even ashamed to admit that I occasionally HUG it. But this Italian tubular cast-on is (gasp!) not in the book. So I was very eager to try this cast on. And the aforementioned tutorial is really clear and helpful. I practiced and practiced till I had mine neat and pretty like the example. BUT of course I don’t know how to count. It only took a few hundred times till I had the 56 (not 46, 58, 52, etc) stitches ready to join in the round. I guess that would be the only tricky part of the cast on for me, it’s a lil difficult to count the number of stitches cast on until you’ve knit those first two rows (especially with my lil helpers helping). But I do love the end effect. So that’s all I got for today. I won’t bother with a pic of my meager beginnings of these mitts, but to avoid going picture-less here is picture of the octopus from World of Knitted Toys  (just for you Jo).


One Response to “As promised…”

  1. keri Says:

    That new italian method was definitely tough- I had to stick to my old fav method =)

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