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Mamma what you Knittin’? January 12, 2007

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This question fills me with such emotion.

On one hand when my boys ask this I feel soo *loved*. My boys wanna know what’s going on with there mamma.

On the other hand my answer feels me with such GUILT. My 3 yo son doesn’t care what color, shape, size it is – whatever I’m knitting “For me?”

And the elder son (who just turned 5 a week ago tomorrow!!) way back when had requested a knitted octopus. He picked out the yarn himself and browsed through my copy of “World of Knitted Toys” for days before deciding. And I was a good mamma, got started right away. But minutes into it I realized this Octopus had 8 horribly long legs boring legs, and the “yarn” my son picked was RED HEART. UGHHHH. I could barely stand it and never completed even one leg. I’ve tried to nudge him to a different pattern (the parrot looks so cute and would be a great addition to pirate play) or different yarn, but to no avail.

So when they ask, and my answer isn’t what either of them wanna hear I feel it like a pound of bricks on my back. 

And truthfully my answer to this question lately is not what I wanna hear either. Now don’t think my disgust of Red Heart makes me a complete yarn snob. I’m not. I can’t afford to be. (We are the opposite of DINK -dual income no kids, we are SILK- single income lotta kids). Evidence below. A pile of acrylic. I do so love the GOOD STUFF, you know and do work with it when I can. Ah well, anywho.


Here’s what we got:

A commissioned scarf (commissioned meaning my MIL’s co-worker saw the scarf I made her for Christmas 05 and wants to pay me to make her one too) in Lion Brand Suede yarn. It’s just simple singe crochet all the way. 

Calorimetry that despite my reading of everyone’s troubles with size I decided I have a big head and it would be fine. Yeah, uh NO. My head isn’t that big, and I don’t know whose is. It’s TLC acrylic something that I’ve had for many, many months that I bought only for the colors. I’m quite in love with the teal/brown combo. But I’ve now decided I don’t know if I’m a Calorimetry kinda girl anyway and it’s going to the frog pond.

And the last is a hat for my BIL. He’s a single dude who lives alone, so machine washable was a must. My hubby designed the motif and it’s just a real basic ear flap hat that I winged on my own. My first real attempt at Fair Isle and it isn’t perfect. I’ve done the exterior and now I’m working on the lining. (Oh yeah the yarn is Bernat Camouflage and Caron So Soft in a beige-ish color).

I will be glad when I can move on from these projects. And I should be able to cross them off my list by the end of tonight.I’m really hoping to do some thrifting this weekend. We will see. Hope you have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Mamma what you Knittin’?”

  1. AJ Says:

    The hat for your BIL is great! And don’t worry about being a yarn snob…there really aren’t that many Knitters out there who are ok with continually working with ONLY acrylic. At least I’m not. 😉

  2. Jo Says:

    congratulations on starting your blog! looks great so far. I hope that you keep up with the octopus, would love to see him finished (maybe a picture from the book:)

  3. […] said very quickly, “Yeah Mamma, an Octopus”. So I guess he really just wanted an Octopus, not that Octopus. Had I known I would have tried this many months ago. And I just kept telling myself “look at the […]

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